Increased earthquake safety for textile brickwork reinforcement

Why EQ-Grid?

1. The bearing capacity of the entire and safety building is increased by
    approx. 50 % without heightening the building mass fundamentally.

2. Suited for news construction and renovation.

3. Increased deformability of engineered and non engineered brick walls.

4. Durable and breathable (no steam brake)

5. Cost-effective and easy to handle

6. Also suitable for restoration of marred brickworks as well as for crack 
    prevention and -reconstruction.


1 Brickwork

2 Specially tempered plaster (adjusted for hard or soft brickwork)

3 EQ-Grid = quadraxial hyrid fabric made of highly alkaliresistant glass fibres
   in combination with high elastic synthetic fibres

4 Specially tempered plaster (adjusted for hard or soft brickwork)

5 Top layer (possibly also an external thermal insulation composite system)


Please download here ouf PDF regarding all important product information of SYSTEM EQ-Grid.


Developed in close cooperation with the
Karlsruher Institute of Technology.

In enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem Karlsruher Institut für Technologie entwickelt.

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